Fox + Bear is the farming project of Katie Boeh. (that's me). It is an intimate one farmer operation and the product of over 15 years of experience working, learning, and teaching on farms.  I am a devoted first generation farmer, a passionate land steward and an eternally curious human creature. I am committed to producing the finest city grown produce as a contribution to a locally adapted food culture, economy, and community here in Portland, OR. The ultimate goal of my work is to create the optimum conditions for each seed I plant to express itself fully.  Each harvest becomes a celebration of the unique expression of each and every seed I plant and tend.



Fox + Bear originated in 2013 as a biologically intensive quarter acre backyard farm in NE Portland, OR specializing in the production of high quality, hand-tended vegetables and herbs.  In 2018, Fox + Bear relocated operations to Sauvie Island through a collaboration with Willow Bar Farm. This move provided more production space, and improved infrastructure needed to meet the growing demand for Fox + Bear's unique specialty crops. Fox + Bear remains dedicated to staying small; always working hard at growing better before bigger -  Producing exceptional hyper-local produce with an attention to detail only possible at a micro-farming scale.


Fox + Bear employs biologically intensive, organic growing methods in the production of all our crops.  No sprays of any kind (even organic ones) are used on the farm.  I rely on beneficial insects for pest control so I cultivate environments that will be attractive and habitable for them. I use compost, cover-cropping, and organic fertilizers to build soil fertility and structure.  I use a permanent, no till bed system and use hand tools and human power for all my work. This allows me to produce high quality agricultural products while maintaining great respect and care for the land, living creatures, and the livelihood of farming.


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